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What is lot volume

What is lot volume?

What is lot Volume/Lot The lot is a lot easier. But when you go as a unit, it will be very difficult for you. So...
what is spread in forex

Spreads, Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP)

Spreads When you open a trade, you will see that the trade will be open to some loses. This is called a spread. To open...
Account Verification

What documents do we need to verify

Account Verification: It is necessary to verify identity with almost all the Forex Brokers. Verify means that the fact that you have joined the company...
How To Profit or Loses on Forex

How To Profit or Loses on Forex Market?

How To Profit or Loses on Forex You can buy or sell on the Forex market. Opening trade is very easy. The process of opening trade...
How to Trade in Forex Trading

How to Trade in Forex Trading

How to Trade in Forex Trading As some merchant, you would need to get the opportunity to procure bunches of cash and without a doubt,...

What you need for opening a Forex Account

Account Opening Information: For most Forex Brokers, you must provide the following information during the account opening: First Name Last Name Address Email Address These are...


What is Scalping?

Scalping: You may hear about Scalping in many places. Basically, small businesses is known as scalping. These trades can be 1-20 pips. If lexically profitable...